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  • World Wide Web Virtual Library (VLIB)

    The oldest directory on the web.

  • Starting Point Web Directory

    A human edited general web directory that provides websites organized by topic.

  • Sources

    A web portal for journalists, freelance writers, editors, authors and researchers, focusing especially on human sources: experts and spokespersons who are prepared to answer Reporters' questions or make themselves available for on-air interviews.

  • Jasmine Directory

    A human-edited web directory providing websites and businesses categorized topically and regionally.

  • Curlie

    Formerly know as the Open Directory Project (DMOZ), continued since August 2018 as Curlie.org.

  • Directory of Open Access Journals

    A community-curated list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access (IS4OA). It was launched in 2003 with 300 open access journals.

  • Botw (Best of the Web)

    An internet directory listing websites categorized by subject and region.

  • JoeAnt

    A directory created by a group of former Go.com volunteer editors in 2001, it allows users to submit their own sites for listing.

  • Skaffe

    A human-edited directory that offers webmasters a choice of a free or paid website submission.

  • Best of the Web (BOTW)

    Established in 1994, is a meticulously curated directory known for its selection of quality websites. The site boasts a user-friendly design, featuring well-defined categories and a straightforward layout.

  • AboutUs

    AboutUs, which began as a directory for business domains, now accepts and facilitates discussions for a wide range of websites.

  • Yellow Pages

    A popular general directory. Claiming your business on this platform is complimentary, but be prepared for frequent suggestions to engage in their advertising programs after you register. In addition to business listings, the site maintains its relevance by offering coupons, featuring a wide range of industry listings, and consistently updating its blog to enhance link equity towards its directory pages.


  • HotVsNot

    A web directory that offers various categories for businesses, products, and services.

  • Topical Beach

    Specializes in listing websites with tropical and beach-related content.

  • Green Directory

    Focused on environmental websites and green technologies.

  • Health Finder

    A government website providing information about health topics and health services.

  • Legal Information Institute

    Offers legal information, including laws, court decisions, and legal encyclopedia.

  • Yelp

    Yelp stands out as one of the leading online directories, attracting millions of unique monthly visitors. This platform is ideal for local businesses aiming to showcase customer feedback. It covers an extensive array of business types and allows users to post User-Generated Content (UGC) like reviews and images.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

    An online directory aimed at assisting individuals in locating dependable and reputable businesses. Recognized as one of the most authoritative online resources for consumers, having your business included in the BBB's listings can enhance your credibility and foster trust among potential clients.

  • Chamber of Commerce

    Established in 1998, serves as the online counterpart to the traditional printed local Chamber of Commerce. It features a comprehensive directory of online small businesses. Alongside a variety of educational articles and resources, the site presents options for free business listings as well as opportunities for paid advertisements.

  • Business.com

    Business.com stands out as a top choice and a premier web directory for online businesses. It offers an effective way to reach your target audience and enhance website traffic via backlinks. Established in 1999, Business.com is among the most extensive paid web directories available. Its listing results feature both sponsored links and webpages that match the text criteria.

  • Blogarama

    Blogarama stands out as a premier web directory tailored specifically for bloggers. Diverging from the majority of directories mentioned in this article, Blogarama focuses exclusively on blogs rather than encompassing general business websites. Renowned as the most longstanding directory dedicated to blogging, it attracts millions of visitors annually. This platform can significantly boost your site's traffic and broaden your audience.

  • Spoke

    Spoke is a digital platform dedicated to exploring and sharing information about businesses, professionals, current events, and more. It allows users to create online profiles for individuals or companies.

  • Google Business Profile

    In the latter part of 2021, Google My Business underwent a rebranding, emerging as Google Business Profile. The importance of maintaining a Google Business Profile has been increasingly recognized as a crucial factor in local search rankings. Given that Google reigns as the largest search engine globally, optimizing your Google Business Profile is essential to ensure visibility to the vast majority of online users searching for services or products that your business provides.

  • Facebook Business

    Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is a widely-used social media platform. It doubles as a business directory, with its Business pages being searchable on Google. By setting up a Facebook Business page, you can showcase details such as your operating hours, contact info, location, and customer reviews. Having a presence on Facebook simplifies the process for customers to reach out to you. Additionally, this platform is effective in attracting new audiences and increasing visits to your website. Furthermore, integrating a Facebook plugin on your website allows you to display posts from your page, helping you to expand your follower base.

  • Bing Places

    Bing Places, similar to Google Business Profile, caters to the global audience of Bing, the world's second-largest search engine. Although Bing is the primary choice for around 6% of global internet users, it's crucial to note its status as the default search engine on Internet Explorer and Edge. Given Microsoft's significant presence in the desktop computer market, it's beneficial for businesses to register with Bing Places to connect with this substantial segment of PC users.

  • Foursquare

    Foursquare, while not as widely used as Yelp, still offers listings for a diverse range of local businesses. It attracts over 24 million visitors each month, and among its listings, over 90% are local storefronts, accounting for 2 million of the total businesses featured on the platform.

  • HotFrog

    This platform allows businesses, sole practitioners, and any entity conducting business at a physical location to add their listing at no cost.

  • Superpages

    Superpages serves as a directory for local businesses, where they can include essential details, customer reviews, photographs, promotional coupons, and links to their websites.

  • MerchantCircle

    The website features a wide variety of merchants and contractors, encompassing professionals like lawyers and notaries, as well as realtors and agencies. Last year, the site attracted over 100 million consumers who browsed its extensive directory of 2 million businesses.

  • B2B Yellow Pages

    This website appears to be frozen in the 1990s aesthetic, yet it remains an effective online directory, listing more than 18 million businesses.

  • Nextdoor

    In recent years, Nextdoor has evolved from a neighborhood website into a vital business hub, offering free listings and unique advertising options to its 54 million-user base, standing out with instant feed visibility and ranking among the top 200 U.S. websites.

  • eLocal

    Since 2007, eLocal, a local business directory, attracts 120,000 to 160,000 monthly visitors seeking businesses, doctors, and contractors.

  • DexKnows

    DexKnows is another local business directory, used by around 100,000 monthly visitors looking for businesses and sole practitioners in their area.

  • Alignable

    Alignable primarily serves as a small business referral network, facilitating connections and collaborations among over 7 million members to foster business growth through referrals and partnerships.

  • Local.com

    Local.com features a directory of more than 100,000 local businesses, including their websites and contact details.



  • Yahoo! Directory

    One of the earliest web directories, discontinued in December 2014.

  • DMOZ (Defunct)

    Was a multilingual open-content directory of World Wide Web links, discontinued in March 2017.

  • LookSmart (Defunct)

    Was a web directory founded in 1995 and became defunct in 2014.

  • Zeal (Defunct)

    A volunteer-built web directory, discontinued in 2006.

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